The will of god pervades

A Bible school teacher once asked her students a question. “How do angels do the will of God?”

One answered “They do it immediately”.  Another said “They do it sincerely”. Yet another said “They do it with all their heart”. But the wittiest answer that the teacher appreciated was “The angels do the will of God without asking questions or placing conditions”.

How true it is that we all want to do the will of God, but there are times when we ask questions or place conditions. It is like a man who knelt down, lit candles and prayed fervently before the Lord saying “Lord, I surrender myself completely to your will. I will offer you all that I have and do everything you say, but please don’t ask me to forgive my wife”.

There are many who pray the Lords prayer which reads “Thy will be done, your Kingdom come”. But there are times we may be saying “Thy will” with our lips, but in our hearts “My will be done”.

Much of our unhappiness comes from sticking to our own will rather than the will of God.

William Barclay, a Scripture scholar wrote “There is only one way to bring peace to the heart, joy to the mind and beauty to the life; it is to accept to do the will of God”.

In the Old Testament in the book of Samuel we read of the story of Hannah the wife of Elkanah who was barren, without a child for years.  At a pilgrimage to Shiloh, she made a promise that if God would give her a child she would offer him to serve in the temple of God.

God blessed her with a child whom she named Samuel.  Samuel was offered to the Priest Eli in the temple.  Around the age of twelve when he was asleep in the temple he heard a voice calling him by name. He ran to Priest Eli thinking he called him. This happened thrice.  But he was advised how to respond next as it was the voice of God. When he heard the voice again, he responded “Speak Lord your servant is listening”.

That response meant so much. Your servant is here to surrender to your will and serve you.  No questions, No conditions. Samuel became a great Prophet in Israel.
Mother Mary too responded in a similar way to the Lord when Angel Gabriel announced to her that she was to bear a child who would be the Messiah.  She responded “Behold the Servant of the Lord, be it done to me according to Thy Word”.

God accomplishes great things through those who surrender to His will. A surrender where there are no questions, no conditions placed before God. Let our daily prayer be “Thy will be done Oh Lord”.