The Roman government must have been used to seeing processions taken out, but this one was a rare one.  It was a procession where someone was riding on a donkey and having a face mixed with joy and grief, people spreading their bed sheets and palms and overcoats on the road, huge crowds shouting Hosanna. Some must have heard of Jesus, some must have experienced healing, some forgiveness, some might have had him as a guest in their homes.  To them he was a powerful person. To the crowds, he was powerful because he had control over sickness, control over demons, over disease, over sins, he was a powerful orator, he was a mind-reader, he was a great friend, he was a consoler, he was a comforter, he was a baptizer, he was a preacher, he was a holy man, he had a great fan-following, he had control even over death and over nature itself! (calming the sea).

With all these thoughts in the minds of people the HOSANNA must have been really loud.  He was definitely going to be a greater king

But what an ugly turn of events, the HOSANNA crowd vanished when they discovered that their ‘powerful leader’ was going to carry a criminal’s cross. There was no more Hosanna.  There was only “crucify him crucify him”

How true it is about our own lives.  There are a lot of people (and may be some of us) who stick around only with those who are powerful, those who are rich, those who have influence, those who can get things done for us, those who can give us something in a relationship. We don’t want to associate with the weak, with those who are less influential than us or those who are not so significant in society.

Think about that story of the prodigal son, so long as he had money with him, he had wine, women and song. When he ended up in the pigsty, there was nobody around.

Some of us may have experienced this.  We suddenly feel abandoned. We sometimes feel abandoned at a time when we need people the most. Even our loved ones, those whom we did so many favors are not there to stand by us.


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