Jesus walks into his home town. Definitely his home town must have been a religious town.  Religious in the sense that people ‘practiced’ the faith like devout Jews. They must have been regular Sunday church goers like some of us are.  But there was something that Jesus found wrong there.  People were religious, but had not faith.  It is possible to be deeply religious but without Faith.  They must have followed all the rituals, meticulously followed the law and performed all the sacrifices prescribed by the law and yet did not have Faith.  That is why the gospel says, that Jesus was amazed at their disbelief.  Jesus was shocked.

Whenever Jesus met people in need of a healing he first wanted to know if they had faith.  He always asked” what you wish me to do for you”.  The blind man said “That I may see”, the leper said “that I may be made clean”, Barthameus cried with faith “Son of David have pity on me”, the Samaritan woman asked for “the living springs of water”…. The disciples wondered if 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread could feed a thousand.  But the boys faith in Jesus allowed Jesus to perform a miracle.  He knew that Jesus could do the impossible. When you EXPECT A MIRALCE, it happens.

Look at the gospel today.  The people of Capernaum were prejudiced and some of them mechanically jewish.  In spirit they did not have faith in the impossible.  Jesus looking at their disbelief could not perform many miracles.

Among us Christians too, there may be many of us who are Christians by name but not really in Christians in spirit.  Our baptism certificate does not get us to heaven, mere reciting prayers or attending mass does not guarantee us a miracle.  We must believe firmly in the God of the impossible.

What are the barriers that prevent us from experiencing the power of God in our lives-

1. Complacence    (The Jews in the gospel were too complacent-thought they didn’t need more than their daily rituals)

2. Prejudice (They could not accept that God could manifest himself through the son of a carpenter. They had a prejudice and so could not even see Jesus as messiah)

3. Pride (Their pride prevented them from feeling the need for a blessing or healing)

Are you complacent, prejudiced or proud?


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